The Conclusion 1: Funds Raised

It has been three weeks exactly since we came back from walking the Camino, but i still wake up every morning with the anticipation and buzz, it is clear that my heart, mind and soul needed the walk. I am really greatful that i had the opportunity to have this life altering and enhacing experience. I am also eternally thankful to Mr Neo Tsholanku for doing this one with me, proving his mettle as a true and genuine friend.

In my last blog post i had promised to also report on the other objective of this quest, that of raising funds for Special Needs Education. Before i do that, thought to re-share some thoughts about the Camino or what it meant to me;

The Camino:

  1. Is about spiritual awakening. Offers the opportunity to meditate, reflect and contemplate.
  2. It is about being task or goal oriented, focusing on your vision, end goal and nothing else.
  3. It is about effort, commitment, consistency and sustained application.  “It teaches you to get up, dress up and show up”
  4. Teaches that whatever you decide to do in life, do it with delight, readiness and passionate abundance.
  5. Highlighted the need for our actions and contributions in this life and world, to be always an offering of service and value to others.

Now for the long awaited fundraising report.

Last Friday i recieved the contributions statement from our Auditors. I am happy to          report that a total of R131 530 was raised. These are the funds that will be shared or          allocated to the 5 selected schools as follows;

  1. Hope School – R 30 000
  2. Sunshine Centre – R 30 000
  3. Pathways Residence – R 30 000
  4. Isithokoziso Primary – R 20 000
  5. Daliwonga Secondary – R 20 000

This was made possible by the kind and generous contributions of the following people and organisations;

Salukazi Dakile (Nozala Investments),  Lee den Hond (BluePlatinum Events), Neo Tsholanku, Micheal Monyokolo, Zandile Masemula, May Gule, Noma, Pearl Mpiyakhe-Dlamini, Elphus Muhawule, Susan Mbundu, Thuladu (Annah) Nyamande, Wilson Mafokwana, Nozipo Vilakati, Kwezi Tladi, Rosina, O’Brian Communications Group, Themba Mvelase, Masechaba Morodi, Ndumiso Nyovane, Alison and Larry Smith (Alexandria, Va USA).

My sincere and heartfelt thanks for your generosity.  May you continue, through your deeds, being the light that the world needs. And to all those that followed the quest via the blog, your in-kind support was immense and truly appreciated, it gave substance and gravitas to the whole exercise.

Finally I am expecting that the fund-book or account will be closed and declared final, over the next two weeks, after which the disbursement as per above will be done.

l will accordingly post once the funds have been distributed to the respective beneficiaries.