Day 13: Arzúa to A Rúa, the penultimate walk

The Camino atmosphere this morning was different; from getting up and departing earlier than usual. To the excitement, anticipation and eagerness of being closer to the finish line, to the increased Pilgrim traffic, which went up a notch with a constant chain like flow of Pilgrims. The walk was distinctly more faster ( with the Advocate doing his best km/hr ever, I have not seen him walk this fast), busier and noisier with a definitive commercial tone.

What is comforting is that we were pre-warned about the frenetic activity that typifies the walk as you come closer to the end. The primary reason being that, at about 38km to Santiago, two routes merge. The Northern route, which we took, also known as the primitive or Real Camino route, and the Frances the more easier and popular one.

Although the Camino seems to loose it’s serenity and calmness at this point, it remains nonetheless challenging, as we still have to navigate the last 20km climb and descent into Santiago. The anticipation and excitement is pulpable, making tomorrow’s walk a very important and significant one. The goal is clearly in sight.