Day 10: Vilalba to Santa Leo Cadia Day 11: Santa Leo Cadia to Sobrado dos Menxos


Guess what? We are indeed stronger and fitter than when we started two Sundays ago. We did 61km without breaking a sweat, we arrived at both destinations with time to spare. Today (day 11) we did 33km with only a 30minutes break, courtesy of my friend and fellow pilgrim, Advocate Tsholanku. Who a few days back nearly strangled me for making him walk 4km over a mountain, to that one horse town. Walking the two longest distances, one after the other, got me thinking about things the Camino teaches you. Here are a few I could think of as I was walking today;

1. Practice makes perfect. It does indeed take seven days to form or change a habit. Walk, walk, walk, eat, sleep, wake up, walk walk, walk, eat, sleep, wake up, walk, walk, walk, eat, sleep….repeat 7 times and it becomes what and who you are.
2. Focus, commitment,repetition and consistency begets results.
3. Stick to the goal you have in mind.
4. To achieve anything the only movement you need make is forward.(from the Advocate)
5. What seems far, once undertaken, becomes within reach.
6. With the Camino you are never ahead or behind anyone. So stick to your plan.
7. When the objective is clear and shared, strangers become friends. And many we did make along the way.
8. What you see ( the distance) and feel (the sore feet and back) are less important than what you get done or achieve ( reaching your next destination).

Today we are 60km from Santiago our final stop and ultimate destination. It feels unreal!. As they say in this part of the world Buen Camino!