Day 12: Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa

Today the mercury clocked a midday high of 33 degrees. The hotest it’s been thus far. The last time we walked in such heat was on day three from Cudillero(El Pito)  to Ballota. What saved us was first our relative fitness and second the shorter distance of 22km. As you get closer to Santiago you notice an increase in the Pilgrim traffic. Already from the last two days we have met even more Pilgrims, caught up with  one’ s we have not seen for days, like Cheung Yick Tong (from Honk Kong) who we first came across I think on day 3.  This evening we had dinner with Heiko and Doris from Germany, who we met earlier this week, and caught up with yesterday in Sobrado dos Monxes. What you notice is that the Camino is about people and people about life. Leading me to conclude or postulate that the Camino is about Life. So if you can, do walk it in your lifetime.

To pay tribute to our Camino people,  I thought to mention a few of those we got to know by name or stopped to chat to along the way.

1. Yannick and Aline ( from France and Switzerland)
2. Allison and Larry Smith (from Alexandria, Va, USA)
3. Doris and Heiko (Bremen, German)
4. Anima and her Friends (Torino, Italy)
5. The two US Grannies ( sorry we never got your names or a picture)
6. Lotter (young German girl, we met sitting along the road, very tired)

7. Max (surfer dude from Germany, hope you enjoyed the detour to Tapia)

8. Armen (the 2500km walking machine, from Germany)

9. Cheung Yick Tong (Hong Kong)
10. Old Couple from Newcastle England.( also did not get their names)