Day 9: Abadin to Vilalba

Yesterday we did the 13km without a break. Today we did the 23km walk to Vilalba with only a 30 minutes break, a first since we started.  Today we also completed our inland descent and have walked 210km of the planned 230km distance. We certainly are feeling stronger and fitter. However the ultimate test of that fitness will be proven starting tomorrow with having to cover 61km over two days,  I think we are more than ready for the next Camino challenge.

As we make our way to Santiago, one cannot help but notice the changing landscape as well as the swing back to the urban jungle and bigger towns with larger populations and morden facilities. Of special note is the incremental commercial tone the path starts to assume, with little vending stalls where locals are selling hand crafted Camino branded wares. The pilgrim hostels are more morden and attractive, connectivity to the everyday world improves, as we started picking up the 4G signal In Vilalba. I am sure more awaits us as we journey on over the next couple of days.

It has been a challenging as it has been rewarding.