Day 7: Villamartin Grande to Mondonedo

Today we got a pass on the Ribadeo to Villamartin leg of the walk due to the heavy and persistent rain in Ribadeo this morning. The walk today assumed a definitive and totally Christian tone as we saw even more churches and cathedrals. The work of the many saints, envagelists, missionaries and volunteers from the Catholic Church that have selflessly contributed over centuries to spread the word of god and grow the church far and wide.

This culminated with the thematically apt check-in into a Monastery, our accommodation for the two nights in Mondonedo. The Monastery, which goes by the name Seminario Santa Catalina offers basic and functional accommodation with all the necessary facilities but no telephone and TV. The idea behind this choice of accommodation is to give pilgrims the chance to reflect and spend more quiet time away from the usual distractions. I will post more pics of the monastery in tomorrow’s blog.

Today’s walk and overall tone presented the opportunity to put the spotlight back into the other objective of this quest, that of raising funds for special needs education. Firstly I would like to thank all those who have made their contributions and pledges. I am happy to report that by the end of the first week, we were closing in on R 200 000 in funds raised for the chosen schools and institutions.

I know we can do more, so let’s push the fund even higher. For those who missed it or were still considering, find here below the pledge details and structure to help make that commitment and decision to support a worthy cause.

The Pilgrimage is a 348 km walk over 16 days from Gijon to Santiago along the Spanish North Coast. Through the pilgrimage we aim to raise R 1 000 000 (One Million Rands) for chosen beneficiaries in special needs education and broader. People and or organisations can pledge a minimum of R10 for every kilometer covered by choosing from the following options;
1. Pledge to sponsor the entire walk
2. Select a leg/s of their choice.
3. Pledge a once off lump sum donation of a minimum R 3 000.

Gijón to Santiago de Compostela: Pilgrimage
02 Jul DAY 2: Walk to Avilés – 25 km (completed)
03 Jul DAY 3: Walk to Cudillero – 30 km (completed)
04 Jul DAY 4: Walk to Ballota – 27 km (completed)
05 Jul DAY 5: Walk to Luarca – 23 km (completed)
06 Jul DAY 6: Walk to Navia – 21 km (completed)
07 Jul DAY 7: Walk to Ribadeo – 22 km (completed)
08 Jul DAY 8: Rest day Ribadeo
09 Jul DAY 9: Walk to Villamartín Grande – 20 km (pass)
10 Jul DAY 10: Walk to Mondoñedo – 19 km (completed)
11 Jul DAY 11: Walk to Abadín – 17 km
12 Jul DAY 12: Walk to Vilalba – 21 km
13 Jul DAY 13: Walk to Sta Leocadia – 28 km
14 Jul DAY 14: Walk to Sobrado dos Monxes – 33 km
15 Jul DAY 15: Walk to Arzúa – 22 km
16 Jul DAY 16: Walk to Rúa – 19 km
17 Jul DAY 17: Walk to Santiago de Compostela – 21 km

EFT into the below account;
Camino For Special Needs Education
First National Bank Killarney
Account Number: 62703100032
Branch number: 256205

or email your pledge, with your stated donation for collection and or payment later, to our independent auditors CHF & Co for attention of;
Tel: (011) 483 4160
Mobile: 0824101668