Day 6: La Caridad to Ribadeo

This is a rather delayed post, largely because we walked the whole daily distance some 21km without a break. So on arriving in Ribadeo, our weekend stop, we were really tired and had covered 150km of our targeted 348km. The stop was a much needed one,  as we used it at leisure and to rest our sore hips and metatarsals. The walk itself was relatively easy and gave us the opportunity to take in more of the surroundings and points of interest. The work of Saints James’s and other missionaries spreading the word is there for all to see, with a church in about every little town we went through. There was also some interesting little installations aimed at making the pilgrims walk a bit bearable, like a chair made from a tree trunk and another from stone (see pics and images).

Thus far the Camino has reinforced my belief that patience, focusing on moving forward, and being steady are good things, as ultimately they get you to the goal. On reaching Ribadeo we met with most, if not all, the many other pilgrims we passed or who passed us on the way over the past week. We all reached the same point, Ribadeo, on the same day, having left Gijon last Sunday. A small but important lesson. So it is not about speed or about who is ahead and or behind we all are here to walk the way and do it to the best of our abilities. And that is true of life itself.