Day 5: Luarca to Navia

Today was one of the shortest ( no more than 20 km) and easiest ( no forests and steep mountains) walks so far. Once again the weather was overcast, cool and comfortable, we had out tees on all the way.

Pole.. Pole.. was indeed the way to do it, allowing us to smell the roses and take a closer look at the finer but important things along the way. We noted and had a closer look at artifacts, churches (several) dotted along the way which is to be expected as this is the way of Saint James. We were able to also appreciate the several shrines and pilgrim installations you find along the Camino path, these are meant to provide rest and shelter for pilgrims during the walk.

Navia, our destination for the day, is a well built fishing town and port which is critical to the Asturias economy, as is it almost at midpoint between Santiago to the west and Gijon (our starting point) to the east. We made it to Navia with enough time to spare and we took the opportunity to do a quick unsupervised town tour.

Tomorrow we are in for the big one thus far, as our next destination is 31km away.  This is going to be challenging, so we are bracing ourselves for a bruising. We have stocked up on all things energy giving.