Day 4: Ballota to Luarca

Pole…Pole or slowly..slowly was the order of the day. The weather was kind as it was overcast all the way, with a slight drizzle in parts. Patience is key and the Camino forces that on you. The walk started with some steep climbs which were soon replaced by criss-crossing the big Northern freeway that dominates these parts, linking the small and major towns.

Today’s walk was less demanding but still a challenging one nonetheless, as the feet and glutes made themselves felt, perhaps more from yesterday’s gruelling walk.  Surprisingly at a leisurely pace we still made our destination half an hour ahead of schedule. So sometimes, as in life, being steady and patient yet determined is key to making real progress. Luarca our destination for tonight is another Spanish seaside or coastal gem a stark contrast to yesterday’s one horse rural town. It has all the morden conveniences, good enough for refueling and touching base with the real world. All in preparation for the next 41km or so to our halfway point, which we should reach on Friday.

So henceforth steady and patient is the way and the method.