Day 3: Cudillero to Ballota

Today was tough, the highest altitude and climb we recorded was 493m above sea level. Today the walk was functional and work like so was our destination. A small rural one horse Spanish town called Ballota where the TV sets are still the dome shaped small Sony type which you have to sit up close to watch.

Anyway talking about functional, after my day two big toe blister experience I had to make a plan for today’s walk. To that end I had to resort to wearing Neo’s new fancy ‘size 12’ Adidas takkies which turned out to be what the doctor ordered. They were ‘big’ but functional as my toes got much needed relief and boy they turned out to be the best hiking and walking shoes ever, so I he has agreed that I take permanent possession of them.

As expected the Camino’s intensity and challenge was dialed up a notch, with tough terrain, tall grass and dense forest vegetation to walk through. It nonetheless for the first time offered meditative, reflective and quite walking moments, thus little opportunity to take pics, which is what the Camino is all about. We also came across even more pilgrims, a Japanese guy who’s name we did not get to know as he did not talk much, Armen(pronounced Ameen) who has been on the walk since March 23 starting from his home town in Cologne, Germany. Armen would have done a total 2500km when he reaches the final stop in Santiago on July 16th, what an accomplishment.

Today it was a functional Camino, I think there’s an App for that!