Day 1: Gijon to Aviles

Day 1: Gijon to Aviles

We Started the walk in gusto at 9:05 am with a slight challenge exiting the city centre but finally got onto the Camino road/path just fine. The weather was overcast and a bit cool but soon cleared to a warm beautiful day. What a feeling of achievement having made the long awaited start, we soon met and went past two groups of fellow travelers who were also making their way to Aviles. Around the halfway mark we were stopped along the roadside by an American lady called Stacey who came to Spain 16yrs ago to do the Camino and never left, as she met her husband and settled here. She just was excited and thrilled to see two black guys doing the walk, apparently a rare sight in these parts, as the Camino is primarily done by Europeans, South Americans and Koreans. So it seems we were a breath of fresh air on the Camino. We walked through some wonderful farmlands and country side who’s only blight was the more than two or three huge ArcellorMittal steel factory sites that compete with this lovely setting but I am sure are providing much needed employment to this part of the Spanish North coast. We got to the Aviles town boundary after 6hrs 57min and walked a total of 27,52km at an average pace of 15:08min/km with the fastest at 8:28min/km. Aviles is a quaint and rustic little town, with equally rustic buildings and architecture, part industrial part tourist type town.